Smartora is the ultimate choice for top-notch quality and unbeatable value in recycling pre-used textiles. We provide an extensive range of white cotton rags, polishing cloths, and wet wipes to fulfil all of your cleaning and hygiene needs. Count on us to be your primary supplier of these vital resources.

At Smartora, We are committed to the environment with all our products and services.
We have recently installed solar panels on the roof of our warehouse which will reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to becoming a fully carbon neutral company. 

Our Environmental impact: 

Accumulated Trees Planting
Accumulated CO2 emissions reduction
Lint Free Cotton Cloth
White Cotton Rags
Lint Free Cloths
Lint Free Cotton Cloth

Smartora has been supplying industry for over 30 years with its versatile and top quality textile wipers range. As a vital component to industry, our dedicated team work with clients to offer bespoke and off the shelf solutions to suit all their requirements.

We understand the importance of supplying the right lint free cotton cloth for the correct application. Mistakes are costly and often can reflect badly on your Company, damaging reputation and potential future business.

Smartora is here to support you in all you do.
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