Orange Fishscale microfibre cloths are the ideal answer to having a brilliant clean polished finish to glass windows, mirrors, ceramic and glass surfaces without the need for using chemicals.

Simply use dry or wet and wipe over the surface, they are easily machine washable for regular use.

For the most effective streak-free finish, soak the cloth in hot water, wring it out, fold it over, and then wipe over the surface.

If desired, you can use a second dry Fishscale microfibre cloth to wipe over for a quick sparkling finish.

The efficient fish scale texture wicks away any moisture, absorbing grease, fingerprints, and specs of dirt into the cloth leaving a super clean, smear-free finish.

Soft and smooth material ensures that they don’t scratch or mark the ceramic or glass surface, the professional microfibre cloth user’s choice!

10 x 40cm square large Fishscale microfibre cloths per pack.