Microfibre Car Polishing Cloths

Among the most important tools for cleaning your car, bike or motor cycle is a microfibre car cleaning cloth.

With our microfiber cleaning cloths you have super-soft polishing cloths that drape over the paint work or chrome and lift off dirt for polishing and buffing up waxes without damaging the vehicle’s paintwork.

As well as great quality we offer great prices as we are a bulk importer. This is important as, depending on your role in the car valeting trade or for DIY cleaning your vehicle at home, it is always good to have several cloths on hand without breaking the bank.

Microfibre cloths are man-made fibre which is many times finer than a human hair with strength and softness that gives a versatile performance across all automotive microfiber cloths tasks.

How To Use Our Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths

Use them damp to remove heavier soiling via the capillary action which draws the soiling and dirt into the cloth. They are popular with cleaning professionals due to premium dirt removal that lessens the need for cleaning chemicals and a good price point without compromising on quality.

Professional microfiber cloths from Smartora are often used as car cleaning cloths where the super soft twill, thickness, and highly absorbent characteristics are perfect for customers that want that valeting performance at a good cost.

Microfibre Car Polishing Cloths

Also ideal for removing bacteria from surfaces to be cleaned which is an increasingly important feature in infection control making them perfect for contract cleaning companies. Please see the specifications below:

GSM: 200gsm
Cloth Size: 40 x 40cm
Fabric/Yarn Type: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide – 0.13 Denier
Colours from stock: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink
Edges: Overlocked
Pack Quantity: 10pcs
Carton Quantity: 300pcs
Pallet Quantity: 7200pcs

Durable Performance Car Polishing Cloths

These cloths come in 4 different colours and can be laundered hundreds of times. we suggest you launder at a low temperature of around 40 degrees if possible; they can be laundered at up to 95 degrees, but some small shrinkage will occur after the initial few washes.

Surfaces treated with our microfibre polishing cloths are cleaned gently and thoroughly, all of which will save you time, effort, and energy; a shine which is smear and streak-free time after time is vital. A high warp-knitted polyamide content in our microfibre cloths ensure that almost no damage is done to surfaces being cleaned as the splitting process produces a very soft polishing cloth.

We can offer you competitively priced microfibre polishing cloths available in packet, box, or pallet quantities – just email to us at: sales@smartora.co.uk