Lint Free Cloths

Lint-free cloths can solve many of your cleaning needs, from oiling wood to industrial soaking and when they are produced from recycled textiles you are helping the circular economy as well. The high-grade cloths we supply are used for industrial and automotive cleaning and do not give up any fluff when used. These include towelling, sheeting, hosiery, linen napkins, and cotton cloths.

Our range includes French polishing rags, aerospace-approved polishing rags, and recycled lint-free cloths for oiling wood. Our premium cloths can also be used for a host of polishing applications such as car valeting, bike cleaning or shoe shining.

We lead the way in choice and great value with our lint-free cloths, rags, and wipers. All these solutions can be purchased online for quick UK-wide delivery.

What are Lint-Free Cloths?

Lint is used to describe small pieces of fibre or fluff that detach themselves from the cloth when in use. Lint-free cloths have have none, or very low levels of lint in them. Read more about lint-free cloths.


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